Wings Over The Red Kite Club

Fighter Kites

      Fighter kites are inexpensive and easy to build, but flying them is a real challenge and a load of fun. If you want to build a few fighters, you might just have most of the materials around your house. Typical high performance fighters can be made using mylar gift wrap, contact cement, and bamboo sticks. You can even use the bar-b-que skewers available from your local grocery store for rods. If you are a kite flyer, you can use some .050 or .060 carbon rods for the bow of the kite if you have some lying around the house.
Here is a link that will direct you to some serious fighter kite plans that absolutely rock. Get your materials ready and be prepared to build some fun little kites.

One of Peter Halls single line kites
With a kite like this on the wind, you don't want a cut line.

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