Wings Over The Red Kite Club
Photo Album

Here are some photos from our monthly Fun Flys. Enjoy!

Curtis fades an Elixir in 0 wind; Actual size=300 pixels wide

Curtis does a fade in zero wind.

Sir Kevin and a box kite; Actual size=300 pixels wide

Sir Kevin sets up a box kite. Notice that he already has two other kites in the air.( see the lines right behind him? )


Trey launches some of Sir Kevin's hand made box kites. Nice stack.

Christine fades.jpg

Christine Clarner locks into a nice rising fade!

Bill Herman and a flexi-foil super 10; Actual size=300 pixels wide

2002 Club President, Bill Herman flies his Flexi-Foil Super 10 in high winds.

Art flies a ground pass; Actual size=300 pixels wide

Art VanWynterswyk flies his Alpha on a ground pass in 15-20 mph winds.

galen and baloon.jpg

Galen Bias flies his Beetle as a hot air balloon floats slowly by.

club eats.jpg

Janet Wolfe or Cooky always cooks up some really good grub.

Curtis poses with his I2K

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