Wings Over The Red Kite Club

Looking back...

The First Fun Fly!

Our first gathering

The first meeting of club members was held during the Summer of 2001. Nearly 20 individuals with interest in kiting met in Shreveport, Louisiana to fly kites and have a good time. The weather was hot, and the winds were light as the first flights were made out along the Clyde Fant Parkway. One thing was certain, we were having a great time. Folks flew kites, and chatted about their interests. A club was born on that day under a sweltering southern sky. We would meet and fly kites once a month, eat good food, and enjoy our passion for kites and life. We are still at it.
2001- Jerry Bertrand served as President of the Club in 2001. Other club officers were:
Vice President: Bill Herman
Secretary/Treasurer: Sir Kevin Wolfe
Directors at Large: Curtis Bias, Art Vanwynterswyk, Janet Wolfe
2002: Bill Herman served as President of WOTR
Vice-President: Curtis Bias
Secretary/Treasurer: Sir Kevin Wolfe
Directors at Large: Janet Wolfe, Art Vanwynterswyk, Christine Clarner
WOTR becomes an affiliated club with the AKA. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys.
Fun Flies were held at LSUS, Lock and Dam #5, and an invitational was held at a local church field. A large gathering of children nd parents showed up for this fly.  National Kite Month was a big success for our club as many events were hosted locally. Kite building workshops were held at Bethune Middle School, and Keithville Middle School. Sir Kevin, and Bill really put on a show at Art Break. They helped local children build a ton of litlle single line kites.A club get together was also held with the fine folks from the Dallas Area Kiting Organization. Dako members travelled to Shrevport for a Fun Fly in the Spring to share some extremely high winds.
2003 Club Officers:
President: Curtis Bias
Vice-President: Bill Herman
Secretary/Treasurer: Sir Kevin Wolfe
Directors at Large: Janet Wolfe, Mark Schlatter
Events: National Kite Month Kite making workshops and classes
Sci-Port Discovery Center Kite Building workshops
Boy Scouts of America flying demos and kite building workshops
Shreveport Regional Arts Council Art Kite Workshop
City Wide Annual Invitational
Monthly Fun Fly
Art Break
Louisiana Art Educators Association Kite Building Workshops at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge
Club members also attended out of town kite festivals and events including: Sugar Hill United Methodist Men's Kite Festival
Long Beach Kite Festival in Long Beach, Mississippi
Crescent City Kite Flyers Festival New Orleans, La
Plano Hot-Air Balloon Festival Plano, Texas
Onward and upward!


2004-Club Officers: President: Bill Herman

Vice-President: Janet Wolfe

Secretary/Treasurer: Sir Kevin Wolfe

Directors at Large: Mark Schlatter and Curtis Bias

We're off to a great start in 2004.






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