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Bias Boards
Custom Kite Reels
Custom Kite Reels
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Reels Currently In Stock

6 Inch "Gator" style reels with finger ridge
"Gator" style 6 inch x 2 inch thick reel with a fighter profile
Prices stsrt at $75 Us
$75 - $85 US

Two "Gator"style reels in walnut and fancy walnut with maple stripes. Walnut $75 and fancy $85

2 Inch thick x 9 inch Diameter Reel. shown on left
Prices starting at $90.

9 Inch x 2 inch Reel: Prices start at $90
This is a very popular reel for large single line kite fans.
The reel shown will hold 500 feet of 300 pound line with room to spare

shipping: $5 in the United States
All reels are made by hand in the U.S.A.


Bias Boards * 3006  Salem Dr.* Shreveport, LA * US * 71118